108 E. Liberty St.

Lancaster, PA 17602

​(717) 394-6711


Board Members

  • Denise Elliott (4th and 6th grade parent) - President
  • Joan Bohan (7th grade parent)
  • Elaine Box (5th and 7th grade parent)
  • Melissa Eberly (4th grade parent )
  • Russ Hobson (4th and 6th grade parent)
  • Kyla Hockley (Pre-K4, 1, 3rd and 6th grade parent)
  • Scott McCuen (4th and 6th grade parent)
  • ​Derek Nowak (Pre-K4 and 2nd grade parent)
  • Nga Vu  (Pre-K, 1st, 3rd and 5th grade parent)

School Board

The school board is an advisory board established by the Executive Pastor of the School, in accordance with the policy of the Diocese of Harrisburg, to assist him and the principal in the governance of the school.