601 E. Delp Rd.

Lancaster, PA 17601

​(717) 844-6100


St. John Neumann Catholic School is a Catholic faith-filled educational community dedicated to the spiritual growth and academic success of all children.  The school provides an environment of faith, hope, love and discipline, preparing students to become responsible, respectful and active Catholic leaders and citizens.

            We Believe:

  • In open communication between home, school and community.
  • Parents, teachers and administrators share the responsibility for advancing our children’s religious and academic education.
  • Each person in our community is a child of God and must be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Our students learn to practice what Jesus taught by serving others in regular charitable activities sponsored by the school, parishes and community.

  • Our school is catholic, open and accessible to all students regardless of faith denomination.
  • In academically challenging our students with a rigorous curriculum by providing areas of study and technologies over and above the required curriculum.
  • Each student is provided a safe opportunity to develop his or her unique God-given gifts.
  • In promoting civic values and patriotism.

Philosophy and Objectives

St. John Neumann Catholic School exists for the child.  Its primary aim is the full development of each child, so that, as an adult, he or she can participate in mature decision-making, based on sound Christian values.  We believe that a Catholic education is unique in many respects.  Centered as it is on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, the role of our school is to form a strong faith community with the parents, faculty and students, flowing from a loving, forgiving and trustful Christ-centered way of life.  Through the efforts of a qualified staff, the Christian values that parents instill in their children are supported, strengthened and deepened in an atmosphere of love and openness.  The love of children and the belief that each child is a gift from God results in an environment of respect, caring and warmth.

Mission Statement